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Overcome Exam Anxiety Premium Program

A Proven System To Get Rid Of Exam Anxiety And Improve Your Grades

Here's A Breakdown Of The Entire 10-Sessions

This program gives you the mindsets, tools, and techniques you need to get rid of Exam Anxiety, Negative Emotions and Bad Habits about Exams and Studies.

You’ll discover how to get more done in a single hour than you do now, without needing tons of willpower or extreme discipline


And because you’ll be able to extract twice the value from every hour you get, you’ll have a lot more free time on your hands.

It doesn’t matter what Exam Grades you have now….

Take action on the knowledge that you’ll gain and have a new sense of control over your life and Exams… you’ll greatly reduce any feelings of stress, anxiety, depression, feeling of overwhelmed… so that you’ll have time for the things that matter to you.

Ten Sessions Of 1-To-1 Consultation

The entire program is comprised of 3 main parts

Conducted in both English and Chinese on request.

Here’s how it works…


Overcome Exam Anxiety

Rock balancing

You’ll experience relief from the high Exam Anxiety levels that has been troubling you and stopping you from performing your best in the first 5 sessions.

Mind pieces

You’ll discover how to clear your mental clutter, get closure on things bothering you in your life as a holistic approach to deal with Exam Anxiety triggers so that they do not return.


Removing Bad Habits And Beliefs That Stop You From Getting Distinctions In Exams

Laptop and notes

In the next 5 sessions, you’ll get techniques to calm down your nerves, be happier, less frustrated etc.

Mental Blocks

You’ll discover your own mental blocks that has been sabotaging your Exam grades.

Exam Anxiety Transformation

We’ll help you uncover your most valuable tasks so that you can focus on them… and help you create the “habit” of getting your most important work done each day.

Exam Anxiety Health

Overcoming Body Discomfort Symptoms: Exam Anxiety manifests itself as Symptoms in our body. We can get headaches, stomachaches, nausea, heart palpitations and more. And because the mind and body are closely linked, some diseases like Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) may also develop from the Exam Stress. On top of seeing a doctor, regain control over your mind and body so that these discomforts do not bother you anymore. Be peaceful and calm once again.

Exam Anxiety Negative Beliefs

Stop Poor Beliefs: We got to remove poorly-formed beliefs about Studies and Exams. This prevents future regeneration of negative feelings about Exams. These beliefs often come from our parents and teachers. Some of us have been told we are “stupid”, receive punishment when we fail or perform below expectations. Or we have failed a subject before and since then we believe that we can never do well in that subject or a related suject. These are erroneous programming that absolutely prevents us from scoring in Exams. We will work on these so that you are in your Peak State during Exams.

Exam Anxiety Negative Emotion

Remove Bad Habits: Feeling sleepy whenever the textbook is opened, Spending the day before the Exam cramming the entire textbook into your head. This leads to a lack of sleep, attention and energy to perform on the day of the Exam. Studying with distractions like messaging, watching videos and social media leads to poor grades and a lack of focus, spending unnecessary amount of time neither studying nor playing. Some of us eat junk food while studying that serves as a distraction as well as lowering energy and focus levels, while adding on weight. These are just some of the common bad habits. These habits stop us from Studying Less, Playing More and Scoring Better, eventually triggering bad feelings about Exams. We will guide you to cultivate and reinforce positive habits. So that at the end of the sessions, you have more time to rest and still score better Exam grades.

Exam Anxiety Counselling Motivation

Cementing Change on Exam Anxiety: Exam Anxiety can come Before, During and After Exams. We ensure that the changes you make be with you for as long as you want them to.


Basic Tools and Techniques to Do Better in Exams

Exam Anxiety Stop Procastination

You’ll also get strategies and techniques for getting out of time-robbing, energy-zapping tasks and learn how to double your productivity in Studies and Exam Preparation, so you will no longer have to suffer Exam Anxiety and other overwhelming feelings again.

Exam Anxiety Exam Tips

How to create Version 2.0 of yourself and discover your motivation and direction, freeing up your time and attention so that you can focus on achieving what you want, be it Exam grades, exercise, healthier lifestyle…

Exam Anxiety Grades

We’ll start building your mental and emotional muscles so that you can focus on what’s important in your life and start scoring in your Exams.

Exam Anxiety Physical Symptoms

You’ll fully understand how top students, the top 1% of the cohort think and prepare for Exams, to get far more done in a single hour than most people do when they study for an entire day…

Exam Anxiety Success

You’ll learn about how to create your personal success ritual and get it nailed down for maximum impact in your life.

Exam Anxiety Stop Procastination

Stop Procastination: Postponing studying for another day until it’s too late is one key reason that leads to Exam Anxiety. Poor time management causes stress, and makes learning more tedious and painful. Inevitably, cramming Exam content means lack of understanding and lack of sleep. We guide you to overcome Procastination.

Exam Anxiety Staying Positive

Motivation: Let’s face it. Many people lack motivation when it comes to Exams. They dread Exams, as they see it as being a trade off for all the fun time that they can have with friends, highly stressful Exam periods etc. Furthermore, we can still do poorly in Exams even after studying for it, and we lose motivation. It is therefore important regain control of your emotions quickly, positively, translating them into long-term Motivation to do even better.

Exam Anxiety Counselling

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