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Overcome Exam Anxiety Master Program



Discover The Absolute Essential Mindsets, Daily Operating Principles, And Exam Skillsets You NEED To Become A Successful, Straight ‘A’s Student In Your Exams.

Dear Friend,

Over the years, people have often asked me,


“Calvin, if you were to go back to when you first started taking Exams and had to learn everything from scratch, how would you do it?”

I remember asking similar questions when I first came to treat Exams seriously.

I was about 7-8 years old when my parents were giving me immense stress to score distinctions in school, and deprived me of my play time. And I remember that one day I made the decision that I wanted to know the exact methods to score distinctions in Exams.


I didn’t know how to do it, or even where to start.

I vividly remember doing assessment books after assessment books about 10 a day, which was what my parents made me do. And I wondered if there was a much faster way to score distinctions.

How did the top scorers in my class get there? Where did they start out?

What kind of things did I need to learnt to get to their level of Exam grades?


What was the secret to their Exam success?


Was it natural born intelligence? Family background and resources?

I’ve Spent My Entire Exam Career Looking For Answers To These Questions

Luckily over my years in taking Exams, I’ve had the opportunity to connect and learn from some of the elite Exam scorers.


I’ve been able to uncover some of the highest level insights that the top 1% of the cohort uses.

Additionally, I’ve personally had my share of Ah-Ha moments in scoring distinctions in exams during my journey from primary school till university.


Needless to say, I’ve since found the answers I was looking for. And I want to share them with you today.

Exam Strategies Skillset Is Learnable

What I found after going through the Singapore education systems is that most of the things that you’re taught do not prepare you well to handle Exams.

You’re taught at a very young age to learn by understanding, reading textbooks, going to class.

Things that the top 1% do but very differently.


So if you’re thinking about scoring Distinctions in Exams, it should be no surprise that you have no idea what to do, or where to start. This can cause Exam Anxiety.

To make matters worst, the media portrays a lot of the top 1% of Exam scorers as otherworldly figures with superpowers like extremely high intelligence, being able to grasp any new concept instantly.


Now while of these individuals truly do have uncanny talents like photographic memory, for the most part it’s largely exaggerated.

Hardwork does not always produce results if you are directly all your time and energy in the wrong direction. Some people can score distinctions without studying all day and all night, with normal intelligence. Why is this so?

I know this because I’ve been with these high performing individuals and I can tell you that their Exam Success has NOTHING to do with some esoteric or magical talent.

What it actually has to do with is a specific set of down to earth, study skills, Exam techniques and Exam mindsets that they’ve cultivated and use on a day to day basis.

And here the thing: These skills and mindsets are entirely learnable.

Uncover The “Common Denominator” Skills And Mindsets That Top Scorers Use Daily

To Thinking back on it, I wasted some time focusing on things I shouldn’t have bothered with over the course of my academic career.

Fortunately, I developed good habits and avoided ones that I had to get rid of or to chase Exam Strategies that would have led me nowhere.

I’ve distilled the most important lessons I’ve learned along the way into this program called…

“Overcome Exam Anxiety Master Program

Overcome Exam Anxiety Master Program is a 15-sessions program that is designed to cut through the unnecessary parts and hype about what it takes to score distinctions in Exams without having Exam Anxiety.

The program essentially provides you with a one-on-one consultation on the most important ideas, skills, habits and operating principles that you must cultivate to score straight ‘A’s and Distinctions in Exams.

Here’s A Small Glimpse Of What You’ll Get

Fully customized, personalized set of Exam Techniques and Strategies.


You’ll learn my own personal framework on ‘Exams’ and how to approach Exam which I believe is the single most important skill you need to become massively successful in scoring in Exams.

Exam Anxiety and the Mind

We are going to learn how to use our minds to connect ideas and things together in new combinations… so that we can actualize and achieve success in Exams.

running to desert sand hill

Discover the BIGGEST difference between how “most people” think and how the top scorers think (this difference is critical to your Exam Grades)

Man to open sky

The ‘best kept secrets’ that the top scorers use to ace one Exam after the other

How To Beat Exam Anxiety and Achieve Excellence
feeling fulfilled
Exam Anxiety Trigger

A powerful shift in the way you think about Exams, Grades and Studies that will skyrocket your ability to follow through on your learning.

How to overcome any learning difficulty you encounter, even subjects that you do not understand, you still can score well.

How top scorers gain clarity and do exceptionally well in moments of Exam Stress


We need to shift how we think about Preparing for Exams so that we can take more control of our lives and our success.

New Mindset

The truth about self control and why it often does not work when it comes to increasing productivity in studies – spend less time and still do well in Exams

A critical mental switch that will dramatically boost the control you feel over your emotions and how you view Exams

Direction sign
feeling fulfilled

How to create habits that automatically push you towards scoring distinctions or scoring better grades in Exams. Develop the awareness of what is keeping you stagnant at where you’re at.

How to breakfree of old habits and forge new ones that are aligned with your Exam goals that makes the process 10x easier

To me, Mastery over Exam Strategies and Exam grades is about the ability to take yourself and lead yourself to do new things – things that might be counter-intuitive and seem to be the opposite of what everyone else thinks is right.

Different feelings
Manage Exam Anxiety
Exam Anxiety Relaxation

How top scorers approach learning challenges and mental blocks before and during Exams (chances are, this is not what you think)

Discover the biggest psychological challenges you’ll face for Exams and Studies and HOW to be ready when they arise.

How to identify what to study for Exams so that you focus your energy on them (some of these might surprise you). Not all the content in the syllabus needs to be learnt. You will not read a textbook the same way again.

Woman Sleeping

How to organize your time at the start of Exams if you know you won’t be able to finish all the questions to maximise your Exam grades.

Target hit

How to answer Exam questions when you realise that time is running out. There is a way to maximize your Exam grades when this happens.

Overcome Exam Anxiety and Exam Stress

How to create habits that automatically push you towards scoring distinctions or scoring better grades in Exams. Develop the awareness of what is keeping you stagnant at where you’re at.

More Of What You’ll Get

  1. How to score well without even having to understand the syllabus?

  2. How to approach subjects that require memory?

  3. What should I do if I see an unfamiliar question during the exam?

  4. What to do when I do not know how to answer an essay question?

  5. How to approach subjects that like Mathematics?

  6. How to study for subjects like Languages?

  7. How to prepare for any exam, in terms of timeline to start revision?

  8. Does consistent studying ensure top scores?

  9. How to read a textbook?

  10. How to approach an exam with essay questions?

  11. How to score well without even having to understand the syllabus?

  12. How to write notes efficiently?

  13. When is the best time to study?

  14. What should I do if I see an unfamiliar question during the exam?

  15. What to do when I do not know how to answer an essay question?

  16. How to choose which textbooks are best for my studying?

  17. I work really hard, but my grades are always mediocre, why is this so?

  18. I hate sitting at my desk to study, what can I do?

  19. How to do assessment books and past year papers efficiently?

  20. What should I be doing 3 days before the final exams?

  21. I feel frustrated whenever I study, what should I do?

  22. Can I keep playing and wait to the last 3 months to study and still do well? 

  23. Understand what is your motivation to study or not to study?

Overcome Exam Anxiety

  1. How to overcome Exam Anxiety?

  2. Unable to sleep due to Exam Anxiety.

  3. How to Stop taking medication for Exam Anxiety.

  4. How to clam down

  5. Exam Anxiety relaxation techniques

  6. How to wake up with a new sense of control over your life, greatly reduce any feelings of stress, anxiety, or overwhelm and most importantly, you’ll have time for the things that matter to you?

Listen, These Are Tried And Tested Exam Strategies That Allowed Me To Be A Top Student Scoring Straight ‘A’s And Distinctions In My Exams.

You no longer have to suffer the body pains and discomforts associated with Exams or rely on medicines and prescription drugs to deal with them.


You see your Exam Grades improving substantially, and you get more time for rest and play.


So don’t take it lightly for this 1-on-1 program that you receive the best strategies that I will be sharing with you in 15 sessions or 30 hours, including managing the emotional blockages that stop you from performing during Exams.

As a top student, many of my classmates, friends, parents of classmates and even school teachers have asked me how do I consistently score distinctions and top the school. Here’s the breakdown of my academic results.

Primary School

7 years old – 4th in the entire school cohort

8 years old – 1st in the entire school cohort, topped the school in almost all subjects

9 years old – 1st in the entire school cohort, topped the school in almost all subjects

10 years old – 1st in the entire school cohort, topped the school in almost all subjects

11 years old – 2nd in the entire school cohort

12 years old – My PSLE score allowed me to  comfortably enter into any school I desire. This occurred at a time when all schools in Singapore were ranked with their respective cut off score, with Raffles Institutions and Hwa Chong having the top cut off scores. Everyone had to take PSLE at that time.

Secondary School

13 years old – 1st in class. Entered into one of the top 5 schools, 

14 years old –1st in class. Results were so good, that I was offered a special scheme that only top 10 students received a year, a full year waiver of school fees.

16 years old – “O” Levels received a perfect score of 6 points. This was also at a time when there was only 1 system that all students had to follow, without other alternatives. I could comfortably enter all Junior Colleges in Singapore, including the 2 top schools at the time being Raffles Junior College and Hwa Chong Institutions.

Junior College

18 years old – “A” Levels received score of 4As in the 4 core subjects, way before the new systems of H1 and H2.

19 years old - Took up 2 "Special Papers" which is equivalent to H3 system today


20 years old – Offered a Government Scholarship

22 years old – Dean’s List in the National University of Singapore

It is a fact, that my results have let me received tons of praises since I was a kid. My results were seen to be ridiculously good. Even model student types of grades (pssttt…. Just let me be showy for a bit here, you can see these certificates in person if you wish) 


However, I believe that my track record, is a translation of not just academic excellence, but more importantly, the ability to perform well under Exam pressure. I know of friends who could do just as well or even better than me during usual class tests and exercise but falter when it comes to the all-critical Exams. And this is where I believe I can show the insights that served me well all these years.

A healthy Exam pressure is good. Anxiety is good as it is a human emotion. You don’t want to lack any emotions. It keeps you going. The key is to master the anxiety to serve you well, rather than to work against you. There is no need to shy away from Exams.

Now if you’re actually serious about Overcoming Exam Anxiety and gain Mastery over your Exam Grades, you won’t hesitate for a second to get your hands on these secrets. I promise you, the lessons you’ll learn in this program will pay dividends after dividends – for the rest of your life.


You gain a better quality of life when emotions like Exam Anxiety, Exam Stress, depression, Fear, worries, frustration are properly handled. You become much happier, calmer, confident.


The Exam Strategy “Cheat Sheet” I Wish I Had When I Started

If I were to do it all over again, I would put my sole focus on developing the set of skills and mindsets you’ll learn in this Master Program. This is really the shortcut I wish I had when I started my studies.

You can’t imagine the amount of time, energy and MONEY that I could have saved with a straightforward, personalized, clear-cut gameplan like this.

After going through “Overcome Exam Anxiety Master Program”, you’ll have a razor sharp understanding od what you need to do to succeed on this exciting, yet challenging journey.

Don’t wait on this. You deserve it.

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