Overcome Exam Anxiety Basic Program


If You’re Struggling With Exam Anxiety Right Now...


Do you want to become calm and free from Exam Anxiety?

Do you want to stop Exam Anxiety so that you can sleep well at night?

Do you want to score better grades in your exams?

Do you want to regain control of your emotions?
Do you want to stop the symptoms of crying, dizziness, nausea, stomachache due to Exam Anxiety?


Why hasn’t it happened to you yet?

Chances are you’ve been searching for answers for a while now. You’ve been working hard and trying many different things, but nothing has built any real traction.


You don’t feel that the Exam Anxiety will stop coming back.

You don’t fee; like the things you’ve been doing are making a real difference in your emotional state of Exam Anxiety and trying to be confident and calm and less anxious.


Sure you’ve put in some time and even money….


Sure you have periods that Exam Anxiety goes away, but it’s not anywhere close to leaving you, and it keeps coming back.

But the hardest part is, you’re not even sure if you’re on the right path, whether you have to keep suffering in silence from Exam Anxiety…


Hi, I’m Calvin tan and today I want to help you solve this problem for good.


And in just a moment, I’m going to show the 3 biggest reasons people fail to overcome Exam Anxiety and how it’s not entirely your fault that you haven’t been achieving the Exam Grades you want, and sinking back into Exam Anxiety or even Exam Depression so far…


And most importantly, I’m going to show you how to find the exact steps you need to find more peace and calmness when it comes to Exams today…


But before I do, I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself in case you haven’t met me yet…

Who Am I And Why Should You Listen To Me About Getting Rid Of Exam Anxiety?

My name is Calvin Tan.


I started out being extremely anxious about Exams, as though my life depended on them. From a young age, my parents would expect good grades and that gave me a tremendous amount of stress. In fact, sometimes it got so stressful that I would wet my bed especially near Exam periods. I would even have sleepless nights. Before and during the Exams, my heart would start pounding and my stomach pain would come which made me feel really uncomfortable.


I didn’t come from a background where I had somebody teaching me exactly how to deal with my Exam Anxiety. There was just so much stress surrounding Exams and Grades and it was overwhelming. At time I would even grow so frustrated that I would break down or go into uncontrollable fits of anger.

I really had to work on all of these Exam Anxiety myself.


I started looking first on how to manage the stress and Exam Anxiety, to be clear-headed, to be calm and be well-rested before Exams. I know that I can score much better grades when I do so. My grades have been relatively excellent since young, but I also know I could go much further if I get this part of my life handled.

The 3 Things That Prevent Us From Overcoming Exam Anxiety

After studying this area of life for years, I’ve discovered that there are 3 things that prevents us from overcoming or managing Exam Anxiety.


1. We aren’t wired to remain calm.

Modern neuroscience has found that we come wired worrying about all sorts of things that can go haywire in our lives. We are always preparing from a catastrophe, ready for ‘fight or flight’, and our brains are especially good at detecting and assuming danger.

Unfortunately -

We are designed to live in an environment that doesn’t exist anymore.


- Not for hundreds of years.


This is because the most primitive part of our brains is still the same as it was when our ancestors lived in the wild, always having to be alert to avoid being eaten by wild animals.

Despite our evolution over the years, our emotional and intelligence parts have not been able to catch as these came much later.

Our ‘hardware’ is simply not designed to operate in a modern society…


It’s not designed to deal with Exam stress.

We’re hardwire for survival where we needed to hunt to survive, or we ate to store fat in our systems in case there was no more food…


And because of this bad wiring, most of us have trouble dealing with Exam Anxiety no matter how hard we try.

2. We aren’t taught to handle Exam Anxiety and other negative emotions

We have little or no guidance when it comes to handling emotions. Most of us grew up with families that couldn’t handle their own emotion either when stressful times arise. And even wrose than that, we grew up being told stress is good and it’s the best way to motivate ourselves, that kept us more anxious.

Parents, teachers, they also had negative feelings towards Exams. They were also anxious about their own Exams and grades.


As a result, we have been brought up in an environment that encourages Exam Anxiety, creating more negative emotions, but never properly guided on how to handle them.

This bad programming not only prevents us from achieving calmness in our lives, it causes higher and higher levels of Exam Anxiety, impacting our Grades.

3. We have habits that prevent us from overcoming Exam Anxiety

Right now each of us have habits that we do each day. Routines. Things we do each day on autopilot.

And not just what we do, but also what we think and how we behave. They’re ALL habitual.

All the things we thought, felt or did today are what we thought, felt or did yesterday, even the Exam Anxiety that we feel.

Exam Anxiety didn’t pop out overnight. It requires consistent rehearsing inside our minds, thinking for hours each day what could go wrong  during the Exams, if we got poor grades.

We trained our minds and bodies into Exam Anxiety, so that they go into autopilot whenever the word “Exam” pops up, all the discomforts appear.

And because of this, we are unknowingly moving ourselves away from the peace and calmness we want on a day to day basis…

So What’s The Evidence For This?

Just take a look around you. How many people around you or you know of actually managed to overcome Exam Anxiety or other negative emotions from scratch for themselves? Chances are, not the majority.


In fact, the last time I checked, more more teenagers from top schools are seeking help at the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) for school-related stress. IMH said that stress-related, anxiety and depressive disorders are common conditions seen at its Child Guidance Clinics, which treat children aged six to 18. The clinics saw an average of about 2,400 new cases every year from 2012 to 2017.

Now if you’ve seen the TV shows or read the news stories about someone who scores Distinctions in Exams but still suffer from Exam Anxiety and other stress-induced conditions. Some of them even gave themselves more stress and end up WORSE in their grades…


How could this be?

It’s because we simply arent’ wired, programmed, or have the habits to manage Exam Anxiety from the start. It’s something that needs to be learnt.

Most Top Scorers In Exams You Know Aren’t Wired Or Have The Right Habits Either

Not many of the top scorers would want to admit this, but they feel even more stressed and anxious to maintain their excellent grades or score even better. The amount of Exam Anxiety can be simply astonishing.


I know this because being the top scorer in class and in school, I know how it feels. And I also get to know others with grades that are excellent as I meet more people.

There’s the expectations from teachers, parents, fellow friends to maintain the Distinctions, the straight ‘A’s.

For those who can take the Exam pressure, they continue to do well happily, healthily for many more Exams to come. And for those who cannot handle the Exam Anxiety, their grades start to suffer.

In other words, the vast majority of people, including a large portion of the top scorers, the top 1% in Exams, really don’t understand what it takes to overcome Exam Anxiety for good

Even if someone does well at one Exam it doesn’t mean they will do well at another Exam. It also doesn’t mean that they are able to deal with their own Exam Anxiety.

Sometime not caring so much about the grades, could have made getting Distinctions more easy.


The point is, you need to realize that we don’t naturally have these 3 things going for us, and if you want the ability to handle Exam Anxiety without relying on distractions, medication, you’ll need to find a way to fix these 3 things…

There’s a path though…

The Path To Overcoming Exam Anxiety Is CounterIntuitive

Those who do extremely well in Exams, scoring Distinctions year after year, the top 1%, they do stuff that are opposite to common sense. Opposite of what you THINK you need to do to get Distinctions in Exams.

And that’s why most people are fearful, depressed, anxious, angry when it comes to Exams.

The reality is, people who score straight ‘A’s think differenty. They have different mindsets and maps in their heads.


They have different sets of habits. Different action steps that they take everyday in the world that allow them to approach Exams calmly, confidently.

Now if you’re serious about learning the true secrets to Overcoming Exam Anxiety, then I’d like to share with you what they are and help you put them to action starting today.


Feel The Relief From Exam Anxiety So That You Can Get The Grades You Want

Overcome Exam Anxiety Basic Program is not a typical counselling program with a bunch of fluff. This is a program designed according to each individual’s needs to not only give you reflef from Exam Anxiety, but also the tools to handle future anxieties and stressful situations. You will also receive technqiues on how to integrate them naturally into your life so better grades and a happier life emerges automatically for you.



Sessions 1-2:
“Instant Relief from Exam Anxiety”

Exam Anxiety To Calmness

In the first 2 sessions, you are going to feel that long awaited relief from Exam Anxiety, decrease stress, and worries that you have regarding Exams.

We know that crippling feeling when Exam Anxiety takes over.
The mind goes into overdrive, and you cannot seem to do anything anymore. That’s why we start with this.


In the first 2 sessions, you are going to feel that long awaited relief from Exam Anxiety, decrease stress, and worries that you have regarding Exams.

We know that crippling feeling when Exam Anxiety takes over.
The mind goes into overdrive, and you cannot seem to do anything anymore. That’s why we start with this.

Sessions 3 - 4:
“Getting Rid Of Exam Anxiety Triggers”

man to open sky

Exam Anxiety triggers are mostly gone, no longer waiting to jump out at the mention of the word “Exams”, “grades” etc. Exam Anxiety levels come down even further. We conditioned ourselves for a long time so it will also take some time to let the mind and body digest the changes and integrate it within you.

Earth heart

Master Fear, Anxiety & Worry: You’ll learn why it’s hard to get good grades when you are anxious and how Exam Anxiety do more harm than good. I share simple strategies to turn the Exam Anxiety into a calmer, more positive outcome on the spot so you don’t “beat yourself up” over your grades.

 Man diagram x-ray nervous system

DANGER: Some of the most powerful and addictive chemicals in the universe are going through your body right now and you might not even know it. You’ll learn how to become more aware of the emotions you feel every day, why emotions aren’t your enemy, and how to feel positive emotions whenever you want.

Sessions 5:
“Power Tools To Reinforce The New You”


Reinforce the Changes that you have achieved. We give you systems to avoid building new Exam Anxiety triggers in the future.

Mental Power

Mental Power Tools – I’m going to open my personal tool box and give you 3 of my best “mind tools” that will help you control and leverage the incredible power of your mind to manufacture the success you want in your Exams. To have your mind work for you and not against you.


Bonus Study Tip – I’m going to give you a bonus study tip to start you off preparing Exams in a counterintuitive way, so that you can move closer to the Exam grades that you want.

Is This Program Right For You?

This program is not for everybody and by now you probably have a good feel if it can help you get the results you’re looking for.

Who This Program Is Designed For:

Overcome Exam Anxiety Basic Program

is right for you if you want to get rid of Exam Anxiety quickly and not have it come back uncontrollably.


You get to regain control over your Anxiety levels so that they are at the levels that you want them to be.


When you integrate what you’ll learn in this program you feel much calmer, at peace and in control, so that the Exam Anxiety no longer cripples you.

This Program Is Not For You If:


1) You are looking for magic pills, miracle cures


After conditioning your mind and body to react Exams, change does not occur at the snap of a finger. This program will guide you to first bring down the anxiety levels and teach you the mindsets and techniques to handle such emotions.


2) You’re not willing to use and practice what has been shared with you when Exam Anxiety attacks you.

Change is like a muscle – the more you work at it, the more you practice it, and the more you implement, the more successful you’ll become. If you don’t wish ti invest in yourself the tine abd effort then this program probably isn’t right for you.

3) You are “content” with your current Exam Anxiety


If you are happy with your life and the Exam Anxiety that you are having, I’m very happy for you and you should probably pass on taking this program.

This program is for somebody who isn’t satisfied with having Exam Anxiety attacks and feels that they want a relief to be more calm and confident.


Here’s what to do next

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